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SOLU BS update: Version 4.1.4

The cold winds are rising, it makes us slow, so the update is a bit smaller overall this time. But worry not, it still contains a major UI change that will make you feel like it's 25 °C outside. We also ironed out some annoying IE 8/9 problems with edit/delete links and couple other bugs.

The big UI change mentioned above is the new media gallery which now has a sidebar with a expandable/collapsible tree of groups that were previously in a dropdown which wasn't exactly easiest to browse through when you had a hierarchy of a hundred of groups. This also allows for some cool features like having the count of items of selected group in the tabs (files, pictures, videos, flashes). The old groups tab was removed so adding new groups and editing is now done through the group tree, which has same kind of icons as the page tree in structure.

One often wished feature of having the listing remember the selected group, search and paging after editing an item..has now come true!

Another new feature worth mentioning is that we can now set customer specific guideline and help files on the admin dashboard. You won't see any difference to the past unless there are files to download though.

Keep yourselves warm, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Remake of media gallery:
    • Added a group side bar to all media listings from which media is filtered by selecting a group.
    • Groups are added and edited through a dialog opened from buttons in the group tree.
    • Group and search filters are now saved in the URL so they can be linked to directly.
    • Editing a media item now remembers the search and group filters and current page (ie. 2/5).
    • Media item counts for selected group is shown in the tabs (files, pictures, etc.)
    • Removed old group tab.
    • Pictures are now called Images.
  • Added a customer guidelines section to the dashboard.
  • Added the default paging controls to orders list.
  • Added new kind of resharper settings files and deleted the old ones.
  • Added a task to delete 6 month old log files.
  • Changed template description in structure to show line breaks.
  • Minor style adjustments and fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where delete-buttons flickered when hovered over (and were unusable) in data card editor using IE8/9.
  • Fixed a bug where datacards of same CustomID but different spec were shown in the data editors tabs.
  • Fixed a bug where add task dialogs in scheduler went off the screen (top) when there was only a few tasks in the list.
  • Fixed broken checking of usage on deleting media.

Disclaimer: If you were wondering why this post was in English and not in Finnish it is because the main development language of SOLU is indeed English and will remain so.