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SOLU News 6-2023

New Bootstrap 5 UI for SOLU

The number of mobile device users continues to grow, even in B2B company websites. We have developed SOLU's capabilities to meet the increasing mobile usage, and now we offer a new Bootstrap 5 user interface. Bootstrap is one of the most popular UI development tools in the world. Learn more at https://getbootstrap.com/.

SOLU websites implemented before 2021 use Bootstrap 3, while those implemented between 2021 and 2023 use Bootstrap 4.

The key benefits of Bootstrap 5 are:

  • Enhanced user experience across devices: Bootstrap 5 focuses more on responsive design, which means your website adapts better to different screen sizes and devices. New responsive features, such as updated grid systems and adaptive font sizes, can help ensure that your site looks great on various devices.
  • Faster loading times: Bootstrap 5 is lighter and smaller than its predecessor. This means your website loads faster and requires less bandwidth, improving user experience and performance. It also has a positive impact on Google rankings for search engine optimization.
  • Increased design possibilities: Bootstrap 5 offers new components that provide more flexibility and opportunities for website design. These components make design and development easier and more efficient.

Other Updates

  • New Data Import tool for bulk importing product information into SOLU.
  • Possibility to automate image resizing in bulk (improving website speed and Google indexing results).
  • Added option to include Open Graph Meta tags, enhancing the aesthetics of your social media posts.