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B2B Web Sales

Powerful Sales Tools for Industrial and Tehcnical Trading companies

Industrial and technical trade companies B2B sales is often based on call for tenders and personal sales service. B2C -web sales platforms does not support that method, because customer wants to ensure the product of their choice and agree to the terms and conditions before making a purchase decision. A comprehensive and detailed product display (product catalog and price list), product selection tools and tender-shopping basket is a proven effective model for increasing online sales.

Customer's own pricing and its own product range

Frecuent customers require that they are able to place orders 24/7 - from their own product range and with their own prices. SOLU Business Solution PIM tools  expands easily to these requirements of b2b-web sales. Regular customers can access their own product range, availability of information, their prices and purchase history.

High quality and comprehensive product informations, as well as automated ordering of products saves time from routines to actual sales work.

Payment methods

The most significant difference between b2b and b2c e-commerce is the payment tranactions. B2B web sales manages payment transaction after delivery - while B2C e-commerce manages payment before delivery. SOLU is built to manage both B2B and B2C sales methods.

Versatile orders / purchases follow-up reports include implementation and SOLU is  easily integrated with ERP systems.

Rich Product Information management
Management of large quantities of products, campaign and customer-specific pricing, and product information publishing on different media such as WWW, order system and extranet. Product information can be displayed for example as videos in addition to traditional technical data.
Customer management
Tools for managing registers of customers and website users, including identification and profiling.
Profiling works as a tool for providing targeted content within large service systems. This allows for all content to be directed at the appropriate target group.
Order system
All installations using DATA product management have a ready-made ordering system and online shop modules that can include for example shopping cart, payment transactions and order tracking services as required.
Search engine optimization from page templates to content. Also with customization options.

Powerful search functions within the online service allow quick finding and linking of content.

Easy integration and management of social media features, videos, images, flash and other content.
Excellent expandability, from basic services to diverse multiform systems - will easily expand alongside the business.
Versatile options for connecting to existing information systems; communicates with everything.
Fast and easy website updates and administration. Does not require technical proficiency but also provides advanced tools for power users.