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Customer information management

Customer management includes tools for identifying and profiling customers and managing company and customer information.

The most widely used feature of SOLU BS is the customization of the product catalogue to create customer-specific price lists or ordering systems. Customer-specific information (product lists, prices, availability, history) is managed through SOLU BS customer management. When the customer logs in on the website, order system or extranet, they see their own selection of items, agreed prices, product availability and purchase history.

SOLU BS customer management also includes the eMailer tool, which makes it easy to send targeted information to customers, users and other target groups. SOLU BS also offers reporting tools that can be used for example to see how many recipients have opened their messages.

Rich Product Information management
Management of large quantities of products, campaign and customer-specific pricing, and product information publishing on different media such as WWW, order system and extranet. Product information can be displayed for example as videos in addition to traditional technical data.
Customer management
Tools for managing registers of customers and website users, including identification and profiling.
Profiling works as a tool for providing targeted content within large service systems. This allows for all content to be directed at the appropriate target group.
Order system
All installations using DATA product management have a ready-made ordering system and online shop modules that can include for example shopping cart, payment transactions and order tracking services as required.
Search engine optimization from page templates to content. Also with customization options.

Powerful search functions within the online service allow quick finding and linking of content.

Easy integration and management of social media features, videos, images, flash and other content.
Excellent expandability, from basic services to diverse multiform systems - will easily expand alongside the business.
Versatile options for connecting to existing information systems; communicates with everything.
Fast and easy website updates and administration. Does not require technical proficiency but also provides advanced tools for power users.