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Pidämme sinut ajantasalla SOLUn kehityksessä ja tiedotamme uusimmista päivityksistä.

SOLU BS update: Version 4.1.3

In this version we had the biggest emphasis on cleaning up unfinished areas of admin user interface and usability. This also included cleaning up the actual style, image and javasript files so that they are smaller, and structured in a more intuitive way. We're going to be having some changes in the SOLU developer personnel soon and this will make it easier for them to catch on while also making the system a bit more responsive.

One of the most immediately visible changes to the admin pages - although only a tiny part of the update - is the new top menu that is visually more current and has some cool hover animations if you happen to be using one of the more modern browsers that support CSS3 transforms.

SOLU Dashboard

Dashboard has been made even more useful by adding a panel with news from solubs.fi (it also show warnings about soon to come SOLU updates) and a feedback form on another tab. You can use the feedback to report bugs, improvement ideas and who knows, maybe even send praise messages!

We also fixed one of the most reported annoyance in SOLU: When you created or edited content in news the summary and title fields got emptied if you added a picture without saving first. In this update a feature was added to the core library that allows the input fields to "remember" the values previously inputted without clicking save. Of course if you do not click save eventually, the values will be discarded.

There are many more usability improvements that are listed below in the "Admin UI" chapter.

Also note that the up and down arrows in structures page tree and content list that allowed one to move page/content up and down were removed. This has been the plan for over a year already. The same effect can be achieved by using the drag&drop handle located in the same place where the arrows were.

Happy holidays!

On behalf of the whole SOLU Developer Team we would also like to wish you an awesomely bonafied Christmas! We are very lucky to have such an amazing client base with SOLU. You all have made this year very special to us. Thank you.

Here is a little ode that we wrote for Christmas SOLU:

Christmas SOLU BS

Oh SOLU, fast and bright,
Filled with features and awesome might,
Precious target of our programming affection
Even in Christmas time and its perfection,
Show each day your radiant glory
For "oohs" and "aahs" obligatory.

Oh SOLU, what's this? I got a peek;

Your user interface super sleek!
Wow! A new update for this splendid piece
To make our holiday joy increase.
Glitter and glisten, gleam and glow,
Oh SOLU, we love you so!

Admin UI

  • Added delete confirm to data mass operations and made some minor visibility fixes to data/gallery mass operations.
  • Added scheduling info to news listing.
  • Added help-text column to data card editor fields.
  • Added proper pager to recent updates listing.
  • Added help text with help icon to the heading editor.
  • Added miscellaneous tools to admin tools page from separated script files.
  • Added new 'setup' menu section that combines old "e21", "e21 tools" and "Admin" sections.
  • Added new "advanced" settings UI with a new description field and grouped settings lists.
  • Added a "news from solubs.fi" widget to dashboard.
  • Added a feedback form widget to dashboard.
  • Added persistence of topic and summary of a news post while editing it.
  • Added automatic focusing on page name input after a new page has been created.
  • Added focus indices to media, news and ecrm for better usability.
  • Added delete confirms to media gallery listings delete buttons.
  • Added "non-grouped" filter to all data card and product listings.
  • Added SOLU version number to footer.
  • Added tab links to other data cards with same CustomID in the data card editor.
  • Removed old settings page.
  • Removed the up and down arrows from Structure tree and Structure content.
  • Changed settings keys to allow key names of 100 characters instead of 50.
  • Changed rich text initial content to be more informative.
  • Changed news to be shown in top menu only if a news folder exists in the page tree.
  • Changed all error messages to use new consistent styles.
  • Re-styled data card editor and listings.
  • Re-styled top menu with new sleek outlook (and simpler html & css)
  • Re-styled tools page.
  • Re-styled the "Recently updated"-widget on dashboard.
  • Re-styled the add content-panel.
  • Fixed a bug where deleted spec used in another specs field, caused spec field editor and data card field editor to break.
  • Fixed a bug where with the tiny&nbspmce  editor doesn't fit in the structure view, if your screen size is 1024.
  • Fixed a bug where drag-dropping content caused other some of the content to be painted when using IE7-8.
  • Fixed a bug where site roots in structure page tree had non-working drag handles, although they should not have them at all.


  • Added a Rails-like flash session storage to core and added a Flash property to AdminPage, PublicPage and PublicControl.
  • Changed media related temporary session variables to be stored in flash rather than regular session.
  • Created namespace E21.Solu.Admin and moved AdminCustomizations and AdminPage classes there for starters.


  • Renamed all admin CSS files consistently, lowercased and moved them out of dev folder to css root.
  • Renamed all admin JavaScript files similarly with the e21-prefix (if not external lib) and lowercase.
  • Cleaned up and trimmed styles & html all over admin.
  • Removed all useless core images and css files
  • Removed all testing scripts with the proto directory.
  • Renamed reset-fonts-grids.css as reset.css and deleted unused resets.
  • Moved some stand-alone images to the sprites images.
  • Updated jQuery to v1.7.1 (from v1.5.1).
  • Changed 2 more admin javascript files to be squished (combined & minified) with element check for performance.

Disclaimer: I you were wondering why this post was in English and not in Finnish it is because the main development language of SOLU is indeed English and will remain so.