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Pidämme sinut ajantasalla SOLUn kehityksessä ja tiedotamme uusimmista päivityksistä.

SOLU BS update: Version 4.1.2

This time we focus on SOLU user interface details. All list-views (media, data etc.) are finally uniform through out the whole solution and all the components (pager, group selector, mass editing etc.) got a updated look that makes them easier to identify. 

We also started to develop UI enchantments for experienced users. The first thing was to add tab indexes to all input fields. This enables you to move between different form sets only using your keyboard when doing various tasks in SOLU. For example the search box is highlighted with a single tab-key press so now adding images to your page content from media gallery is more fluent: You just press your tab-key when "Add images"-lightbox opens and when the search box highlights just type the images name you want to add and press enter. 

Tab indexes have also been added to scheduler, news, page info and data cards. In the next version you are going to be able to add, edit and publish a page from page info just using your keyboard.

What come to data cards and data management we have added a language support for multilingual SOLU installations. Now managing your data content is even more easier since you can do it from one data card view!

All these user interface fixes are a sign of a new chapter in SOLU development. We are finally in the finalizing part of our product. It is a process that involves major code cleaning and updates. This only doesn't make SOLU even more faster to use but it also reduces development time for new features in the future. In the next few versions of SOLU we are cleaning every corner of our beloved power house of a product.

We are excited to be in this development chapter with SOLU and we can now say that the nervousness that was part of the production earlier this year has shifted to confidence for the future. We are nourishing a great product that we are proud to offer to our clients.

SOLU list views

Admin UI

  • Lots and lots of improvements to admin user interface.
  • All listings columns now have fixed widths while the Name column resizes with the browser width.
  • Removed ID columns in listings.
  • Added ID to the searched columns in listings.
  • Search boxes in listings moved to the right corner of the page.
  • All listings have zebra. Iiihahahaaaa.
  • Added proper validation of file types for pictures, files, videos and flashes in media gallery uploads.
  • Added search to video and flash sections of media gallery.
  • Moved save and delete buttons in data card editor to the left column.
  • "Add heading" now automatically focuses on the text input.
  • Added autocomplete=off to page name textbox to prevent pretty-url generation issues.
  • Page preview always opens /preview/12345 url rather than the regular public url for public pages.
  • Page preview opens in new window.

Data Card & Product languages

  • Added an option to set language of data cards so that no separate language specific specs need to be created.
  • Languages are listed in a settings row as "Language1;Language2;Language3".
  • If languages are defined, a dropdown selector is shown on the card editor and a languge filter is shown in the listings.
  • If no languages are defined the the UI doesn't show any extra language stuff. 
Data language


  • Added a link to the frontpage of site to the admin login.
  • Moved shop mode setting from shop.config to web.config to prevent developer fails where the mode was accidentally overwritten from development to production.
  • Moved the initial admin toolbar visibility setting to Init event from Load.
  • Added new 3.2.7 version of FlowPlayer.
  • Fixed the video and flash player overlapping with picture colorbox via wmmode="opaque".
  • Colorboxed videos now autoplay.
  • Added sorting and other sweetness to adminstrators list.
  • Separated "welcome to solu" and "forgot password" mail templates.
  • Fixes to Solu4.Newmap.js goole maps library.
  • Renamed css class "gallery-table" as "basic-table" in admin.
  • Fixed a bug where listing page didn't reset to 1 when changing page size.

Disclaimer: I you were wondering why this post was in English and not in Finnish it is because the main development language of SOLU is indeed English and will remain so.