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SOLU BS update: Version


  • Added support for adding custom page path items that will be appended to page title and breadcrumb.
  • Fixed the thumbnail checking of pictures for JSON, which was broken because of non-updated Content to ExtraProperties. This was broken int
  • Picture lightbox visibility/positioning fixed.
  • Fixed ecrm user editing/creation so that the password fields won't be visible before a) user has been created + b) "change password" link has been clicked. 


  • IE Fix for data cards
  • Removed /video/1234 fake path completely and raised the page size a bit.
  • Translated to english: administrators. 


  • Title and caption is customizable for linked Video control.
  • Added PageTree and CurrentNode properties to PublicPage like PublicControl had.
  • Also PublicControl ones are now proxies to the ones in PublicPage.
  • Links are no longer blocks by default.
  • Links use cursor Pointer by default even without href.
  • Removed unused core file Video.css.