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SOLU BS update: Version


  • user creation didn't work - new user was broken because they didn't get proper guid.
  • some timestamps in user editor were static text.
  • user editor now includes mailing lists and profiles.
  • user editor generates form fields from the dynamic user fields.
  • added field indexer property to User. 


  • headings are no longer edited in-place but instead uses an iframe-dialog like others. 
  • headings have 3 levels which are mapped to h1-h3 


  • added option to add video as a thumbnail which opens the video player in a dialog.
  • added video title and caption can be changed while adding and also editing was enabled. 

SOLU 3 Importer

  • Extranet pages are no longer ignored.
  • Fault tolerance fixed when imported page was removed from source and we're importing content. 
  • Handle pages with empty names. 
  • Added option to preserve solu 3 order numberings 

Data cards

  • Added modifiable ordering of the fields
  • fixed bug with number fields that couldn't parse empty fields as null
  • changed number(integer/decimal) validation to use regex validator
  • changed decimal max fraction from 2 to 4
  • added support for , or . for decimals
  • translated most Finnish language to English, allowed
  • allowed filling of "help text" for all field types.
  • Added size & padding to datacard textareas 

Project / library

  • code documentation XML's are now finally being generated and appended to sites with the assembly.
  • added FxCop project for SOLU 4 core. (did some refactorings based on it too)
  • added indexed property to PageContent entity as a shortcut for extra properties.
  • added try-catch for schedulers run-loop so that one broken task can't stop the show.
  • deleted old solu 3 import classes.
  • deleted unused PageContentType class.
  • removed interface ITreeNodeable and all related extension / helper classes. Instead using IGroup stuff. 


  • Added PublicControl class that shall be used as the base class of client site user controls. 
  • Has proxy methods to PublicPage and InMemoryPageTree including current node in it. 


  • deleted old un-cached LeftMenu.
  • left menu: refactoring to make it more readable/maintainable/extendable.
  • left menu won't render if theres 0 nodes.
  • internal link suppports non-content page linking.
  • some default styling to the template will be easier to develope at the beginning of a new project
  • fileGroup gives mode..etc info to the file links too. 


  • added current version information under template map so its always visible.
  • added ExtraProperties, CreatedAt and ModifiedAt fields to PageContent entity. Created a script to move old extra properties away from Content field. The timestamps are not yet updated from code.
  • in admin structure, page details' more section stays open across pages and requests until explicitly closed with "less" link.
  • enabled the "No link" function in TinyMCE. 
  • fixed: copy page - new page got the same order number as the original. now it will be last of the siblings as planned.
  • fixed: js/c# url slug generators handled czech letters differently causing problems.
  • fixed: media editor, used in shows also relations to pages through groups.
  • fixed: finnish words in news and ecrm user were translated to english
  • fixed: inmemorypagetree wasn't refreshed when newsletter or news were just made so preview didn't work.
  • fixed: search boxes were invisible to IE7 in File/Picture/DataCard adding dialogs in Data section
  • fixed: hidden group/profile tree expanders.
  • updated the solu logo to a new color profile according the recent logo changes in Solu Family. Also removed the dropdown arrow entiry since I started to become obsolete when all the menus had sub-menus.
  • gallery item editors were transformed to use iframes where the actual editor logic is. Just like all other dialogs work. the editor being in the same aspx-file caused huge slowdowns on non-chrome browsers when there was lot of gallery groups.
  • all "group" trees sort the nodes alphabetically now. Removed interface ITreeNodeable and all related extension / helper classes. Instead using IGroup stuff.