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SOLU BS update: Version

Version technical updates. New PIM templates to Structure. Frontend and backend optimization with SEO and libraries and updated template side CSS. Added SendGrid to our SOLU arsenal.

General changelog

10.1.2019 The process of sending emails has been enhanced with security and reliability (SendGrid)
13.2.2019 Datatable javascript updates
18.2.2019 SOLU client site package updates, added front-end libraries
1.3.2019 Frontend and backend optimization updates
2.4.2019 SOLU client site package updates
7.6.2019 Youtube control improvements, Hoistbox control improvements, default config changes, data importer improvements, tag improvements, performance optimization, Fontawsome upgrade, dropdown maxvalue new values.
28.6.2019 Styling changes to templates, image text styling fixes, javascript library tuning
2.9.2019 SOLU client site package updates: PIM templates 
16.12.2019 Template changes. PIM template development continued. Specfield UI translations for datacards. Default config changes. Improvements on userfields, GDPR accepted field and lead information.