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SOLU BS update: Version 4.6.2

Version 4.6.2 reinvigorates Solu internals and clears out some crud to make it feel fresh again! A lot of new features focus on expanding extensions and optional functionality such as commenting and shop, but we haven't forgotten most common daily use cases either. Plenty of work has gone into little usability updates and making the admin UI more consistant.

During the past two years there has been quite a bit of disparity between SOLU versions in use and this update is meant to be a unifying update bringing all the installations up to date. These are the general changes since version 4.3.1, which was the last common version.

Navigation and manual upkeep updates

Page content edit

Updated views starts with the Welcome page as the recently modified pages now show whether the page in question has been published or not. Page content components have been updated to show more metadata, headings show the corresponding HTML tag, data cards show visibility status and possible CustomID. Added Gallery items provide a link to gallery and a separate download link.

Data content edit

Data card editing view benefits from similar updates. Linked data cards can be sorted alphabetically. Manipulation of Linked data cards is simple, you can view them in separate window and apply mass operations to them such as deleting all of them at once. The selection of mass operations has expanded, now you can add/remove from groups and profiles, switch visibility and delete selected data cards.

Dependency updates

This version of Solu targets .NET Framework 4.6.2 where it gets its version number. This is to make sure that Solu doesn't depend on any outdated or unsupported components. We've also updated all external libraries to their current version. Some old dependencies have been removed and the functionality replaced with newer practises. All this should provide faster and more secure experience. However it should be noted that for example replacing the Flash -based multiupload in the Gallery with a HTML5 based solution requires a newer browser for full support.

General changelog

  • Added showing whether page is published and linking to that page in recent updates list
  • Added show all datacards when adding datacards to page and to datacard
  • Added ability to import users via newsletter receivers without sending
  • Added ability to add imported users to a mailing list
  • Added TinyMCE autolink plugin
  • Added TinyMCE fontsizeselect plugin
  • Added possibility to collapse (unused) and expand all groups in GalleryItem editing
  • Added character counter for SEO title and description
  • Added ability to set news permalink
  • Added possibility to group datacard fields
  • Added possibility to remove all content from position
  • Added possibility to edit External links
  • Added possibility to edit Internal links
  • Added download option for galleryitem editing
  • Added view of sent newsletters per user
  • Added support for more file types in image mass upload (tif, bmp)
  • Updated datacard edit view
    • Added link to linked datacards
    • Added possibility to sort datacards alphabetically
    • Updated view to be more informal
  • Updated datacards mass operations
    • Added option to remove from groups
    • Added option to add to profile
    • Added option to remove from profiles
    • Added option to set visible
    • Added option to set invisible
  • Updated galleryitems mass operations
    • Added option to remove from groups
    • Added option to add to profile
    • Added option to remove from profiles
  • Updated eCRM user mass operations
    • Added option to add to profile
    • Added option to remove from profiles
  • Updated YouTubeVideo content to have video dimensions
  • Updated datacard language tab to show datacard variation list name if present and no language present
  • Updated admin views with delete icon to be more mobile friendly
  • Updated content listing info
    • Added galleryitems link to gallery
    • Added datacard visibility and possible custom id
    • Added heading level
  • Updated gallery mass upload to be based on HTML5
  • Updated default images (automatic optimization)
  • Updated datacard field logging
    • Added support for integer with textvalue field type
    • Added support for decimal with textvalue field type
    • Updated dictionary (tag and dictionary) field entry output
  • Updated all projects to target framework 4.6.2
  • Updated admin jQuery from 1.x to 2.x
  • Fixed locked page not displayed in red when unpublished
  • Fixed datacard field items ordering not working
  • Fixed user field ordering failing
  • Fixed edit sometimes not working in admin settings
  • Removed flash based gallery mass upload functionality
  • Removed mass upload from Video and Flash media types (as it's not supported)
  • Removed Solu3 import functionality
  • Known issues
    • Selected items become unselected in some mass operations drop value changes. To avoid the issue it is recommended to first choose the operation/action and then select the data cards you wish to apply the operation to.
    • News Topic, Permalink and Summary changes will reset after adding two content items.
    • Images in page content don't initially show up in the correct width, this requires a refresh. (Dimensions from JavaScript.)
    • Page layout doesn't get set to be wide if there's content in right position that doesn't exist (limbo).
    • You can drag content across positions to a position that doesn't allow that type of content.
    • Page CSS class doesn't allow dash or any other punctuation mark.
    • When copying pages, please note that internal links keep targetting the original pages.
  • Hotfixes for previous version (post release, v4.3.1.1)
    • Added TinyMCE text and background color and colorpicker plugin
    • Fixed various Tag and DDDL field type problems
    • Fixed TinyMCE smart URL conversion bug