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SOLU BS update: Version 4.3.1

New features

Version 4.3.1 brings ease for adding and removing data from Data Cards. Instead of just adding other Data Cards, Gallery items (files, images, videos) and Product variations one by one to a Data Card, it is now possible to select multiple items and add the selected items at once. For each such Data Card field it is now possible to remove all linked items with the "Remove all" button.

Same adding functionality is extended to Page content, so when adding Data Cards or Files it is now possible to add multiple items simultaneously.

The Rich Text editor library and the video player used by SOLU have been updated. The text editor has a simpler UI and cleaner looks, the same can be said about the video player. With these two major components now up to date, we are also refreshing the general styles and functionality of the SOLU admin. This work will continue with future versions.

Other updates

  • Added further WebAPI support
  • Added Tag -field type
  • Added Dynamic drop down -field type
  • Added Numeric with text -field type
  • Added default implementation of a modern layout
  • Updated adding YouTube videos now allows youtu.be urls
  • Updated Publishing/Unpublishing news to refresh frontpage news cache
  • Fixed structure page tree drag & drop move not working when targeting another page
  • Fixed drag & drop move from siteroot to another doesn't change childpage's siterootname
  • Fixed deleting Data cards failures
  • Fixed permalink allows invalid route names
  • Fixed wrong titles in adding content to Page
  • Fixed Admin toolbar hotkey doesn't redirect to news editing
  • Fixed long Data Card names cover "Drag items to change order" -text
  • Fixed eCRM help center link