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SOLU BS update: Version 4.2.2

New features

Version 4.2.2 introduces a new content data type: YouTube video. Its purpose is to make it easier to publish and share embedded YouTube videos. Adding YouTube videos requires minor template updates, so if you wish to have this content type available for your templates, please contact e21 Solutions.

Our search indexing has improved considerably when dealing with larger files. Searches will now result in more relevant files.

Another page content update makes possible to give titles to internal links, which previously automatically used the target page's name as an title.

It is now possible to import users to eCRM using the mailer's "Additional receivers" field. This provides admins a quick way to add users to the system.

We now support multiple newsletter templates and by default the newsletter is responsive (this is not automatically updated to current installations). We also changed the default language of newsletters to English.

Other updates

  • Updated: Default template unsubscribe link acts as mailto:sender link in case the receiver is not an user.
  • Updated: Gallery pages load time improved.
  • Fixed: Datacards view listing selected page size resets after page load.