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SOLU BS update: Version 4.1.7

For the last couple months we've targeted media and data sections for big improvements and some important behind the scenes magic. Media gallery now has the promised mass upload feature, while data cards can have a new kind of field containing a number of key-value text pairs, and data cards save changes to it's fields to a viewable log. In the background code, we've added a system that allows us to control caching better and that enables us to create faster to use and faster to update sites.

Flash upload
Drag & drop upload

Media Mass Upload

The mass upload is a big help when you have to upload multiple files to the gallery, were they regular files or pictures. There are two ways to use it depending on your browser capabilities: there's the drag & drop style and a more traditional flash-based select files from computer window. Both work at any media gallery page and you don't need to be in the pictures section to upload pictures.

Drag & drop works just like says. Just select some files from your computer and drag them over the browser where the media gallery is open and drop them. If flash is supported, there will be a button "select multiple files to upload" which opens a window to select any amount of files.

Revise file metadata

Once the upload is complete, you can revise the names and descriptions of the files and pictures before actually saving them into the gallery. You can also select a group where they should be saved or maybe let SOLU generate an new group for you. Pictures will be automatically detected and saved as such.

Hint: drag & dropping a file is the easiest way to upload even a single file. Try it! (Internet Explorer doesn't support this currently, not before IE10)

Data Card Field Logging

Data Card Log Entries

Whenever an administartor changes a data cards non-link fields (links meaning files, pictures, data cards, groups etc), the original value, new value, current date and time, and the user makeing the change are all saved to a change log which can be accessed from a tab "Log entries". This will be very helpful when trying to discover who changed something and when. The tab won't be visible before there actually are some log entries.

  • Added a media mass upload feature: UI supports drag&drop and flash multi-select.
  • Added logging of textual, numberic and boolean data card field value changes.
  • Added a log view to data cards to view it's change history.
  • Added a better heading when editing/creating a data card.
  • Added a visual reference to settings indicating the current release column.
  • Added new dictionary data card field type that can hold any name-value pairs.
  • Added subscribable events to all cases of data addition/modification/deletion in admin.
  • Added the resetable OutputCaching to RecentUpdates and FrontpageNews as default.
  • Added an OutputCache helper system that allows easy cache reseting by code.
  • Removed visibility of page delete/archive/copy buttons when they cannot be used.
  • Changed orders listing default page size to same as in media gallery listings.
  • Fixed a style bug with polls admin.
  • Fixed media search for cyrillic letters.
  • Fixed the UI labels of order listing view (files -> orders, etc.)
  • Fixed address fields in order details to be hidden if the data is empty.

Disclaimer: If you were wondering why this post was in English and not in Finnish it is because the main development language of SOLU is indeed English and will remain so.