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SOLU BS update: Version 4.1.6

Media image grid

We sincerely hope the summer isn't over yet, because we've spent it working on some cool new features (ok, maybe a bit of conquering Asia too). This time we've concentrated on improving the admin usability and creating some tools for ourselves and the customers. The most visible new thing is a grid alternative for listing images which shows bigger images in, you may have guessed, a grid with less uninteresting infos about it. The point is to make searching for an image visually easier and hopefully in the future implement same kind of pageless browsing that loads more images when you scroll down. But not yet, this will have to do.

Since uploading tens or even hundreds of files and pictures to SOLU can be quite a tedious task we started prototyping a mass upload tool that can do most of the work for you after you have just drag & dropped or selected through a selector window multiple files from your hard drive. This tool will first be tested by E21 to make sure it works perfectly and so we can develop a customer friendly UI for it for next update.

There are many other improvements you may get benefit from, read about them below. Some are background changes in the codebase or site customization abilities for E21 to create better sites easier.

  • Added possibility to add images to datacard from computer.
  • Added Google Analytics tracking of admin usage.
  • Added CustomID to teh linked data card listings in data card editor.
  • Added alternative grid view for media images.
  • Added a new date/time field for data cards (with date picker UI)
  • Added expand/collapse all options to datacard group filtering.
  • Added cache clearing of news post yearly/monthly amount when un/publishing a news item.
  • Added importing and exporting of data card specs through XML.
  • Added a feature that remembers the search terms in data card listing after editing a data card.
  • Added the same tree filtering as in media listings to data card editors groups tree.
  • Added a media mass upload prototype feature that works with HTML5 drag&drops and flash. (E21 only for now)
  • Changed the logic how data groups are opened in the group tree when editing data cards: expand first level nodes and those that have descendants checked.
  • Changed default media gallery listing page sizes to much larger.
  • Fixed a bug in SOLU 3 importer where importing failed when HtmlArea content had multiple pictures.
  • Fixed a bug quoting the name field in search which caused the items not to be found with other that exact word.
  • Fixed a bug where PageTasks failed when used through scheduler ping which means theres no logged in admin user..which was expected - this time it was when touching PageVersion.
  • Fixed a bug where product's €-VAT was calculated from a wrong price field. This cascaded into most price fields. (didn't affect any customer sites)

Disclaimer: If you were wondering why this post was in English and not in Finnish it is because the main development language of SOLU is indeed English and will remain so.