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SOLU BS update: Version 4.1


  • Added click tracking to newsletters.
  • Added a textbox to Mailer where you can add multiple custom email recipients at once.
  • User counts are shown next to groups and profiles in Mailer.
  • Added subscriber count to mailing list listing as a column.
  • Added zebra to User listing.
  • User editor has changes to the input control types.
  • User editor was prettified.
  • User search options were prettified.
  • Newsletter editor was prettified. 


  • Order of data card field inputs can be adjusted in the spec editor.
  • Added mass operations: delete, add to group.
  • Fixed delete confirm "cancel".
  • Group filter is hidden if there are no groups yet.
  • Added a save button to editors top part also.
  • Added option to link 1000 items to datacard fields (earlier max was 100).
  • Fixed a bug where emptying a numeric data card field didn't really empty it.
  • Creating a new spec field creates the corresponding fields to all data cards of that spec type.
  • Boolean inputs (checkboxes) in data card editor are no longer using the green graphic one that is used on the visibility checks.
  • All validation error messages are now red. 


  • Public path to the media file is shown for copy-paste in the media editor.
  • Deleting a media file warns if it is used on the site.
  • Selected group filter option is remembered after editing a media file.
  • Moved ID columns to right end of media listings.
  • Fixed a bug where "Add to Group" mass operation broke down when no group was selected.
  • Media mass delete also deletes the physical files and removes them from file search index.
  • Added confirmation to mass delete. 

TinyMCE rich text

  • TinyMCE was updated to 3.4.2.
  • Added table, custom characters, superscript, subscript to TinyMCE rich text.
  • TinyMCE rich text now automatically cleans pasted content from word and other sources. 


  • The icon packs will be in a 16x16 grid from now on. 
  • CSS structure changes: helpers.css & cmslinks.css were moved to customer folder since they always change. 
  • Anchors set pointer cursor from default styles now. 
  • Picture resizing sets transparent backgrounds to white instead of black. 
  • Master files were refactored and renamed to be more verbose and versatile. 
  • A redirect page without a target is shown as 404 (not error). 
  • Fixed public control auto-load feature. 
  • Fixed a rare bug with top menu that set pages with similar names both active.
  • Updated Recent updates list with more efficient implementation. 
  • Fixed page title generation to use application name as last part of title. 
  • Admin forgot password was fixed. 
  • Integrated /includes/admin to includes core dirs. 


  • Updated Json.NET to 4.0 Release 1.
  • Added SOLU Systems Manager integration to serve ELMAH error statistics.
  • Added a customer description field for templates which is shown below the template map in structure.
  • Under construction switch in settings. Allows only superlogin/superadmin to see anything but placeholder page.
  • All dialogs were given nice titles.
  • Added filtering of ADLogin related exceptions and LoginRequiredExceptions to ELMAH.
  • Fixed DataCard.GetOrCreateField instance method. It broke when the data card was not yet in the database.
  • Added methods overrides to E21.ImageTools for specifying the canvas color.
  • Added GetPage(int pageID) method to InMemoryPageTree and PublishedSelfAndAncestors to InMemoryPageTreeNode.
  • Abstracted Settings classes caching to SettingsCache which is now completely implemented with HttpApplicationState which shows the values nicely in Trace. And is damn fast.
  • SetSiteRootCulture sets the value to cache too.
  • PageContent ExtraProperties now escapes ';' characters since those are the used in the separator which has caused some problems.
  • Added a DataCard.CreateField() overload that accepts spec field as parameter.
  • Moved ad login requirement from admin login page to AdminPage so all admin sections require it + public ad check only lets super admins go wild, not regular ones.
  • Added a secret doorway from admin login to superlogin while preserving the "return url".
  • Removed legacy appSettings from web.config.
  • Removed installer.
  • Removed layout picture field from templates.
  • Removed notes.
  • Removed the dropshadow from public "admin toolbar".
Julkaistu: 6.5.2011 12.00.00