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SOLU BS update: Version

Time for the first SOLU update news. These will be always written in English, since it is the main development language in SOLU


  • added help texts to listings where there is zero items. 
  • added usage of squishit to admin. 
  • external link editor had protocol dropdown and more intelligent parsing of the url. 
  • added couple route registering helper extensions to ease custom url making. 


  • all admin lightboxes use jQuery.dialog plugin fixing most lightbox positioning and resizing problems. 
  • adding media/data/links to data cards opens a dialog/lightbox instead of just flat dropdown. 
  • internal link/page copy/page restore all use the new PageSelector that looks like structure tree. 
  • partly done change of button styles/colors to more bluish flavour.. 
  • redirect save button is shown only when some target has been selected. 
  • most listings show some kind of "no results" text when it contains 0 items. 
  • all group selectors are now ordered alphabetically. 


  • ie7 crashed when adding internal links and sometimes something else to news posts and news letters, sometimes in structure.
  • data card rich text now launches the tinymce editor correctly.
  • copying a page with data cards on it broke the new page.
  • superlogin button missing picture (changed to plain Button)
  • gallery item usage - url was wrong for newsletters, news items and pages in archive or trashcan.