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SOLU BS update: Version 4.2

Version 4.2 takes advantage of the new image handling and allows users to input image dimensions when adding a new image to page. This update makes SOLU a bit leaner and cleaner with the removal of legacy code and further refactoring of image handling. We've also made some fixes and tweaks here and there.

Image handling updates

Add image from media

It is now possible to set image dimensions upon adding the image to the page. The resizing will preserve the aspect ratio and you will always have the original file stored in Gallery. The UI for adding and editing images has been improved to reflect these updates. Image details are now displayed in the edit window.

Other updates

  • Added "Make copy" button to news post editor.
  • Added editing of settings keys (grouping + description).
  • Added a default "404" image for gallery images whose physical files are missing. (Not introduced by default to existing sites.)
  • Changed admin SquishIt targets to admin compiled directory.
  • Changed default background color to black for resized gif images with transparency.
  • Moved all route registrations to separate file "Routes.cs".
  • Trim page name of whitespace at start and end.
  • Removed legacy lightbox implementation.
  • Removed the unused Google sitemap.
  • Fixed: ShoppingItem uses Product VAT instead of Final VAT.
  • Fixed: Product percentage discount miscalculation.
  • Fixed: DataSpecImporter/Exporter doesn't use Description.
  • Fixed: Current implementation of drag and drop upload not supported in newer browsers. (implementation replaced)

Disclaimer: If you were wondering why this post was in English and not in Finnish it is because the main development language of SOLU is indeed English and will remain so.