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SOLU BS update: Version 4.1.10

This is mostly a maintenance update to fix some bugs introduced in new browser versions, but we also included a new image processing library which is faster than the old one and allows many kinds of useful tricks for the SOLU developers.

  • Added jump-list for settings sections.
  • Added output cache prevention for authenticated PublicPage views.
  • Renamed all appSettings with Solu:CamelCase format
  • Re-implemented e21.urlslug in CoffeeScript with minor fixes.
  • Fixed: editing redirect page shows SEO fields though they're never used.
  • Fixed: position map causes an empty space under the first content of a page in structure.
  • Fixed: position '+' add content button hide & seek in strucure.
  • Fixed: save in template editor doesn't save positions with Firefox.
  • Added ImageResizer
    • Any image can be transformed with query string parameters.
    • Gallery images have a new URL format to allow new image resizing funtionality.
    • Smaller image size -> faster download
    • IIS handles them without ASP.NET worker -> smaller delay
    • Better image format support.
    • Efficient and fast disk caching.
    • Automatically in use by old systems.

Disclaimer: If you were wondering why this post was in English and not in Finnish it is because the main development language of SOLU is indeed English and will remain so.