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SOLU BS update: Version 4.3

New features

Version 4.3 marks the upgrade to .NET Framework 4.5.x based SOLU. This Framework upgrade with various library updates provides us with more features and options to offer better solutions to customer needs. Also these libraries should be more stable and optimized, making SOLU better and more future proof in the process. This has been a laborious undertaking but definitely worth it.

We have added the possibility to view Data card relations in its edit view. Any page that has the Data card added (as a single Data card, not as a group) is listed and every Data card that has the Data card added (as a single Data card, not group) is listed there as well. View the Data card's relations in the left panel, under the "Relations" tab.

Other noticeable updates include further search engine optimizations. News archive browsing views have a unique page title now. Our improved URL slug generation makes pages with non-latin alphabetical (such as cyrillic) names more SEO-friendly. We have also removed the option to set Meta Keywords to page SEO fields as this is seen as bad practise.

Other updates

  • Added possibility to implemented admins with special role (e21)
  • Added possibility to set eCRM User fields' order (e21)
  • Added custom icon for adding YouTube videos
  • Added delete confirmation to mass operation delete in eCRM users list
  • Updated Paytrail payment implementation
  • Updated Sampo payment implementation to Danske Bank implementation
  • Updated Admin Toolbar to be a separate layer so that it wont affect page content composition
  • Fixed Cannot delete Data card's Data cards when the name is too long
  • Fixed NewsItem module should check that PublishedAt datetime is set
  • Fixed Saving scheduled newsletter again shouldn't remove recipients